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Written by Mario Price & Lesley Neesham

Based on a true story:
268 years ago in Blythburgh, Suffolk, soldiers were brought into the local area to combat smuggling. Amongst them was Tobias Gill, a black drummer with the regiment who formed a special relationship with a local girl, Anne Blakemore. Toby who liked a beer, woke to find himself lying next the dead body of Anne and subsequently was wrongly accused of her murder. Toby was hanged in September 1750 at the spot where her body was found at Tobys walks. Anne had in fact died of natural causes and Toby was clearly innocent. This is a story of love, injustice, and a local Suffolk legend where many report sightings of Toby's ghost at the walks site, clearly of him looking for his lost love. The song is simplistic, truly amazing, and we hope you find the video as emotional as it was for us being a part of its creation.

Toby's Walk

Toby walked through the marshes where the grass was green

Holding hands with the fairest maiden Blythburgh had ever seen

She would sing from underneath the old oak tree

Toby tapping out the rhythm to the melody, melody


All they wanted was to live their lives

Together for eternity

He’s black, she’s white

The crowd, with spite, would disagree


Late one night Toby wandered to their sanctuary

The wind was blowing from the East across the old North Sea

There she lay, as if sleeping in her long white gown

Her hair feathered all around her like a golden crown


All he wanted was to see her smile

Her soul adrift had passed away

Her life now lost, dark and bitter day




Toby cried, all night until the moon was gone

Couldn’t leave her on her own and had to linger on

And then they came to point the finger at the only one

it was clear to them a murderer was on the run, on the run


All they wanted was to see him hang

For the murder of poor Anne

You’ll hang they cried

The mob united stand


And from that Tree, Toby Gill was hanged that day

Twas’ later on the coroner decided she’d died naturally

No one cared and it didn’t matter anyway

He was dead and he didn’t need an apology


All they wanted was to live their lives

Together for eternity

He’s black, she’s white

The mob, with spite, would disagree

You’ll hang they cried 

The mob united stand

He’s Black she’s white

The mob don’t understand

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