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Lesley Price


was born in Doncaster, England, the daughter of a Yorkshire man and a German lady from Hannover. As a child she dreamed of becoming a dancer, so she enrolled at ballet school at the age of 4 and had her first stage performance that same year. She continued to receive acting and singing lessons. Aged eleven, her parents moved to Germany and of course she had to move with them. As a result of this Lesley became fluent in the German language.


Lesley has been writing songs from the age of eleven but was interested in all forms of performing arts, she soon expanded her horizons and started working as a backing vocalist in recording studios across Europe where she recorded with some of the best musicians, including “The Chris de Burgh Live Band”.


It was on one of these occasions that producer “Glenn Pocorni” recognised her abilities as a performer and a solo career was born. 


As “Sarah Jeen” she soon became an established recording artist, her powerful voice being broadcast on television and radio all over Europe including BFBS/Germany. Bill boarding with Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate), Jennifer Rush, Matt Bianco, Fine Young Cannibals, Smokie and Nicole (former winner of the Eurovision song contest),  just to mention a few and writing songs for a wide variety of different artists.


In the television show “A Rose for Göteborg”, Lesley performed for King Karl Gustav & Queen Sylvia of Sweden.


After touring Europe professionally for 25 years, Lesley finally returned home to perform in England for the very first time in 2002. It was in this time that she met singer/ songwriter ‘Denis Chopin’ and together they formed the Lowestoft based band ‘Mulberry Hawk’ with ‘GaryDurance’ on drums and ‘Phil Chapman’ on Bass. Mulberry Hawk released 4 albums: Night Hunter (2005 Uk songwriting competition finalists), Undercover (2008), The Legend of L’Inconnue (2012  UK songwiting competition finalists) and their last album Coverup, which was released in  2013.


It was however the concept album ‘The Legend of L’Inconnue’ which was to prove life changing for her! It told the story of ‘The Unknown Woman of the Seine’. A mysterious young girl who was found floating in the river Seine in the late 1880’s. Nobody knew who she was or why she died. Inspired Lesley wrote ‘The Ballad of L’Inconnue’ the first of 19 songs with co-writer ‘Denis Chopin’, which later became a Theatre Concert performed by Mulberry Hawks new line up with ‘Richard Hubbard’ now on Bass and featuring the amazing talents of ‘Mario Price’ on violin! Assisted by dancers ‘Faye Hanson’ and ‘Louise Smith’ and the wonderful acting skills of ‘David Norfolk’ (Sky Fall, Star Wars Rogue One, Midsomer Murders etc.) the show would become, one of those amazing things you do in life, that you will never forget. The show had 18 active members and toured from 2012 in Ireland, Norway, France and the UK finishing in Londonin 2013. In this time Lesley became an ‘author’ and wrote a book also entitled ‘The Legend of L’Inconnue’.

After 5 busy years and due to circumstances beyond their control Mulberry Hawk disbanded in 2014 and after a stressful time Lesley decided to take a break from performing and finally started writing songs again in 2015, this time collaborating with husband, Mario Price.


Five years down the line Mario and Lesley have written over 60 new songs! Many of these have been released as albums or videos on Youtube under the new band name Zingaro Blue.


Lesley says: 'It's been wonderful playing with all of these fantastic musicians but we are ready for a little less stress and can't wait to produce more songs and videos.


"These were taken along time ago, the music has changed and so have I.

It's evolved to something so much better

and I'm very proud of what I'm doing now. 

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much

as we have creating it"

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