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The Tale of Louisa Heartwell

Written by Mike Flower

Smashing their way through the cold stormy waves, with a large wooden oar in each hand

Henry Blogg and his men fought the strength of the sea, to bring them all safely to land

By the brawn of the oarsmen and power of the wind, with the ‘Pyrin’ laid stricken ahead

They launched to the aid of that vessel afar, its crew filled with terror and dread.


A twentieth century feat of pure skill, in the first month of year seventeen

Sailing their boat from that stone Cromer beach, each man ready, eager, and keen

In a true act of determination and guts, and a judgement they’d shown time before

Fighting there way through the mightiest of waves

Soon all would be safely ashore 


With 53 years in the RNLI and a hero to 873

Henry Blogg and his men, rowed out time and again…

their life challenged by the North Sea


With each man now tired but triumphantly glad, from their ongoing toil to success

Reports of a swede ship ‘Fernebo’ were shared, blown in two and now in distress

Six crewmen were drifting the shoreline alone, local servicemen went to their aid

As ‘Louisa’ was launched for the very last time, 11 more, and a hero was made.

For Henry was honoured with a medal of gold, and his crew with their bronze ones adorned

All praised for their courage, so tenacious and true, not a single man lost or now mourned

None will forget yet the rough storms that day, or their bravery shown every time

It was ‘Louisa Heartwell’ that took them to sea, and protected them time after time

Henry Blogg and his men aboard the Louisa Heartwell

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