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Written by Mario Price & Lesley Neesham

Bm                                                                       F#m

Hush little sister don’t cry, let me sing you a lullaby, a simple lullaby 

Bm                                                                       F#m

There’s no one around you who knows truly how you must feel

Em                                                                                     Bm

Surrounded by people you know yet you seem to feel all alone, yes you’re so alone

Em                                                                                           F#

Life is so hard when the light inside no longer shines, for you


G                                    D

Constantly asking yourself who you are

G                                          D

Never quite knowing how deep and how far

G                                       D                                   F#

Hoping to see there’s a bright guiding star, for you, but it never comes true


Hush little sister don’t fear, because fear is your enemy, a secret enemy

Worries the word but your fears of the world are unknown, to you

Your down on your knees and trapped in a universe of solitary, silent solitary

You look in the mirror and see a face you don’t even know


Bm                                                                                 A

Nothing you can do, to help you through, or give a clue

To the cure is there a remedy

Bm                                                                                         A

Nothing you could say or take away would heal you for sure

G                                                                                                 F#

No one in the world could ever give you the hope that you need to survive

G                                                                                              F#

No one in the world could ever give you the freedom or drive, you need to survive


Hush little sister, tonight you will run for your life again, for your life again

The passage of darkness with corridors that seem like a maze

Twisting and turning like pain deep inside that you can’t explain

Trapped in your mind, you can’t hide, you can’t shake of the chain, shake of the chain

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