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Folk Stories, Legends & Poems is now available to purchase on Amazon. As a Hardback, paperback or eBook for Kindle.

(Our tribute to D-Day)

New Album 1944


Zingaro Blue (Zingaro means Gypsy in Italian) was founded in 2015 by Singer/ songwriter Lesley Neesham(now Price) and violinist Mario Price. 


Mario and Lesley first met in 2011 after collaborating on a concept album called ‘The Legend of L’Inconnue’ which was written and performed by local band Mulberry Hawk. After realising how well Mario’s violin and Lesley’s vocals just simply fit together, Mario joined Mulberry Hawk that same year. 


Mulberry Hawk disbanded in 2013. Lowestoft needed a new band. Mario and Lesley started writing and eventually formed Zingaro Blue. Gigging for numerous years, ZB were joined by many talented musicians on stage, including their long term friend Gary Drew, who still occasionally joins them on drums for recordings. Guitarist and vocalist, Michael Flower, co-writer of 'Witch in the Wood'; 'Old Edmunds Crown'; Billy Bluelight, and a few more wonderful tracks. Billy Lund Snr on Bass, the coolest guy we know. Richard Bennett with his amazing Piano skill. Paul Gillings on his Harmonica. Jamie Drew on Percussion. The incredible multi-instrumentalist Dan Ball. Danny Parry on Rhythm Guitar and Charley Newrick on Bass. 

Recently Mario and Lesley decided that they were due a break and are happy to announce that although they are stepping away from live productions, they will carry on writing songs and producing the music videos that they've come to love doing. With the help of their many friends Mario and Lesley hope that ZB will keep churning out the songs and stories that they love so much.

Also available as a hard CD copy via email

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