Zingaro Blue (Zingaro means Gypsy in Italian) was founded in 2015 by Singer/ songwriter Lesley Neesham(now Price) and violinist Mario Price. 


Mario and Lesley first met in 2011 after collaborating on a concept album called The Legend of L’Inconnue which was written and performed by local band Mulberry Hawk. After realising how well Mario’s violin and Lesley’s vocals just simply fit together, Mario joined Mulberry Hawk that same year. 


Due to matters out of their control Mulberry Hawk disbanded in 2013. Lowestoft needed a new band! After a long break Mario and Lesley started writing songs together and have now written over 60 new songs. They also started auditioning a multitude of talented musicians ;)


Drummer Gary Drew a special friend from years ago had been waiting in the wings for 18 months, so he was very pleased when he got the call that Mario & Lesley were ready to form the ultimate band. 

Richard Bennett has been a band member for a long time now  and with his unique style and the versatility of his musical talents, keyboard and accordion, Zingaro Blue were lucky that he loved their music and wanted to be in the band. 

Richard is not a full member of the band but joins us ocassionally.

Although many of you will be disappointed that Mike Flower & Billy Lund Snr have left the band and we will miss them both for sure, we are happy to announce that we haven't been sitting around these last few months.


Joining us on Guitar, Double Bass, Banjo, Vibraphone, Cello etc.....Multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ball was thrilled to be asked to join the band. 

His gorgeous girlfriend Charley joins us on Double Bass & Percussion and although Charley is the icing on the cake ..... we are so happy that we could persuade.......

Danny Parry to join  us on Rhythm  Guitar and Bass.

These three creative musicians have brought a soft and youthful approach to the songs. Sounding just as good but quite different our fans will be excited to hear us play.

Line up Zingaro Blue is once again complete!


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New EP

The Battle of Sole Bay available  now

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A Handful of Songs is being rereleased March 2021......... 
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