Richard's grandmother was an awesome and established pianist who was based in the Midlands. Her enjoyability of music and the piano gave Richard his inspiration. Eager to learn he was lucky enough to have her teach him how to play. She taught him techniques including ‘stride piano’ and ‘boogie woogie’ which today are the preserve of Mr. Jools Holland and several others. 

He has played semi professionally since the age of 15 and is still going strong! 


Richard is multi-talented and plays numerous instruments including: Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Ukulele, Accordion and drums :)

Having played with a variety of notable musicians such as Kenny Ball and Don Lusher, he also picked up a jazz feel in the style of Jamie Cullum and has now developed his own musical signature.

Richard offers quality live music by appointment within Norfolk and Suffolk, as an exceptional solo pianist for those who are lucky enough to book him. A touch of sophistication for anyones function guaranteed.

Needless to say it was a no brainer when he signed up with Zingaro Blue.

He will be collaborating with Mario, Mike & Lesley on future songs.