Jamie inherited the natural ability to groove from his father Gary Drew. However he didn't take playing the drums seriously until the age of 19. At this mature age when he was inspired by art-rock bands such as 'Tool” and “Katatonia”, he felt he had much time to make up.


In 2003 he undertook a crash course in drumming with his father. He performed in his first band 6 months later and since then has played in various original rock bands such as Elysium and Janifour. 

He has taught aspiring drummers of all ages at Lowestoft Drum Studio and continues to progress his skills by studying African music and jazz.


Currently he is involved in a project which fuses elements of jazz with a modern electronic and guitar sound. He has relished the opportunity to join forces with Zingaro Blue, for the first time stepping away from the traditional drum kit and playing hand drums including the congas and Roto-Toms

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