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Dearest BLUE

Written by Mario Price & Lesley Neesham

INTRO – Cm / F / Cm / G


Cm                         F                                         Cm                                        G

The wind blows soft like a cold embrace. Then it fades and leaves without a trace.

Cm                                           Bb                                         G#                                        G

You hide your soul in an abandoned space. Like a painting that hangs in a crowded place.

Cm                                                         F                Cm                                        G

Your hands were blue on that illustrious day. You never cared so you washed the paint away

Cm                                           Bb                                   G#                                 G

So many colours, different shades of blue. Colourless, colourful, my dearest blue


Cm                                               Bb

Blue skies and stormy skies, mornings with dew

 G#                                       G

Violets and primroses colours so true

Cm                                                Bb

Clear water cascading from mountains of blue

G#                                                     G                              G

Blue crystals, blue diamonds mind blowing hue…..


Cm                                               Bb

Figures stand naked surrounded by blue

G#                                                 G

Paint stains the carpet with wide shades of blue

Cm                                               Bb

Blue darkness, blue lightness governed by you

G#                                                        G

Funny eyes, funny face from the kisses you knew


Solo  Cm / G / Cm / G    Cm / F /Cm/ G


Cm                                             Fm   Cm                                                          G   

Your palette flows as you create. Soft brushes move as if pushed by fate

Cm                                           Bb                                         G#                                        G

With every stroke you paint the lines of his gestalt. Pale and frail just like a revenant


Blue lips and blue hands surrounded by blue

Blood Veins that run like clear rapids of blue

Fingers that hover upon the blue note

Dark eyes so hollow look down at his coat


Torn at the shoulder all ragged and worn

Fearful of dying and fearing gods scorn

Feeling so blue with his brazen guitar

You've painted his soul on the wings of your star

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