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50 Dollars

Written by Mario Price & Lesley Neesham



G# /Cm /G# /Cm / G# /Cm /G# /Cm /G



Small town people with their small town minds

                                                                                 Gm    Cm

Stories full of gossip filled with small town crimes I owe I owe


Your family's been living there for centuries

                                                                            Gm   Cm

And childhood friends become your enemies I owe I owe



You take care of what your future brings

                                                                                      Gm     Cm

Or you'll never know which way your fate may swing I owe I owe



He was waiting in the lobby he was so pristine

                                                                                    Gm  Cm

You could say he's gorgeous he's a man of means I owe I owe



Give me fifty dollars for the hotel room

                                                                                              Gm  Cm

With views that overlook the garden that is now in bloom I owe I owe


So I can take it down the road to the Deli-Man

                                                                    Gm    Cm  

I owe him 50 dollars for that leg of lamb I owe I owe


The deli-man was happy with a smiling face

                                                                                        Gm Cm

And standing at the corner, she was dressed in lace I owe I owe


Handing her the money, which was overdue

                                                                                              Gm    Cm 

He thanked her for the credit and hoped to see her soon I owe I owe


Fm                                                                      Cm

Small town with overheads, Price tags and heavy debts

 Fm                                                     Cm               G

Loan sharks and duty calls, Tax man and Tarif wars

Fm                                                                     Cm

High pay insurance rates, No money in the bank today

Fm                                                                     Gm

Surcharge on risky dues, Bad luck and catastrophic news


Solo G# /Cm /G# /Cm     G# /Cm /G# /Cm 

The cast of East Point Academy

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